Nowadays, you can find many companies and businesses which are available for sale. Among other reasons, this phenomenon is due to: lack of expectations, tiredness of the current owner, reaching the retirement age or lack of available capital. We know that finding buyers and investors is not always an easy task and in Grupo Rosell we can play an important role in this stage by applying the appropriate mechanisms in order to find buyers and investors. Don’t take undue risks with your money and future: If you are really interested in acquiring an existing company in Spain or Andorra, obtain a professional evaluation.



Matching prospective buyers with sellers
We act as intermediary between the current and future owner of small and medium companies.

Drawing up a road map
We work with the business owner when defining and implementing exit strategies. We understand that a successful exit strategy consists on a comprehensive road map which will be the key step for the business owner to exit successfully from a private company.

Ensuring transfer of ownership on property transactions with minimal disruption
During the transfer process, we help prospective owners to carry out the formalities that are necessary to manage a change in ownership in the most organized way possible. In this way, both current and future owners can focus on the core activity of their company, while we care and oversee all necessary steps to implement the ownership transfer. Our main tasks are:

-          Estimating the company`s value or the value of the company’s assets.

-          Preparing the business or the company’s assets for sale and carrying out the advertising campaign.

-          Finding suitable companies to acquire, in the case of acquisition of companies.

-          Handling all the procedure required for the transfer with the initial seller and conducting interviews with potential buyers.

-          Conducting or helping with negotiations between potential sellers and buyers.

-          Facilitating exchange of documentation.



Maximize your business value
Developing a global and comprehensive exit plan will provide you, as a business owner, with all essential information that is necessary to make the best decisions and choose the best tools to maximize your benefits.

Usage of the same process technique for both sellers and buyers
We have developed a unique methodology to help both existing business owners and prospective ones, whether he/she is interested on buying or selling.

Business transfer management: from the current to the new owner
We have necessary experience and expertise to help sellers and buyers during the selling/ buying business process or during the selling/ buying process of other business assets. We also know when to resort to other external professional intermediary assistance such as: lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and banks.

Knowledge and internal experience
On one hand, as business owner, we will offer you a full range of services and reports that will allow you to assess your business and its assets and placed it on the market at a fair price and in competitive conditions. We estimate the company value or the value of its assets and locate the interested parties (without revealing their identity). On the other hand, we will conduct the initial interviews with the prospective buyers, conduct negotiations with potential buyers, carry out all the necessary steps and researches, and, in general, we will cooperate with all the selling process related up with the selling of your business.

Benefits of buying an existing business
Are you searching for increasing your market share, entering into a new market or sector, or owning your own business? Then you should consider the idea of buying an existing business, a choice which will increase your chances of success. When buying an existing successful business you will already know two key factors: how is the product or service sold in the current location and your employees’ profile. The only variable is the new direction of the company, which the new owner will assume. Buying and selling a company (the ownership transfer) is a complex operation that requires knowledge, experience and dedication. Let us work with you: if you are the current owner you will have all the time you need to manage your business in the day-to-day. If you are the future owner you will be able to employ all the time you need learning about the new business and how to run it..